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Rotary Trees in Tipton
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Our club planted 3 trees along with Interact who also planted 3 trees in the Park.

Our Club donated $1,000 to the City of Tipton who will match it to plant a total of $2,000s worth of trees in Tipton in the next year. 


Brief History of Rotary’s Support of Tipton’s Tree Project

Larry Hanon 


Today, Wednesday August 5, 2015, The Rotary Club of Tipton presented Chris Nosbisch, City Manager and Steve Nash, Public Works Director a check for $1,000 for the fifth consecutive year to assist with the City of Tipton’s on-going tree project which beautifies and environmentally assists the City.  Rotary’s involvement with Tipton’s tree project may have started in 1991.  At that time and for the next ten years the Rotary Club’s members planted 40 to 60 trees per year, an activity that some years later would help lead Tipton to receive the designation of “A City of Trees”.  In the 1990’s in addition to financially supporting the tree program Rotarians actually determined homeowner’s lots on which to plant, ordered the trees, and planted and staked the trees in holes which the City helped dig.  Fellow Rotarian Dean Anderson orchestrated the program with his knowledge of plants and many related skills.  Each year two streets (one north & south and one east & west) were selected to receive tree plantings.  The goal was to consider all streets in the City that had sidewalks and offer to plant where a need existed and where a lot owner indicated approval.  Dean kept records and a map of where all tree plantings were made by Rotarians.  He believes that during those initial ten years the Rotary Club of Tipton planted approximately 500 trees in the City.  Of course, there were losses in the initial year or two following planting due to lack of water, weed eater damage, other assorted causes.  Dean said the wind storm in late June 2014 destroyed 20 trees that Rotarians had planted.  He believes that there are approximately 300 trees that remain from the 1991 to 2000 plantings and these would now be trees of significant size.  There is no way of knowing how many trees have been funded by Rotary’s contributions the past five years but in total there is considerable shade and beauty that has been added to Tipton by the efforts of Rotarians.  If you are one the many individuals or businesses that have contributed money or merchandise to the annual auction of The Rotary Club of Tipton or one of those who attended and made a purchase at the auction you should feel a pride and ownership of helping with the tree project in the City of Tipton.